Jonathan Westwood is a writer. Mainly of words. But he’s open to other offers.

He’s a ghostwriter, a copywriter, a screenwriter, a teleplay writer and an author in his own right. And now, after a sabbatical of about three years, he’s a blogger again.

Jonathan used to be a lawyer, but he’s alright(-ish) now.

He’s obsessed by sausages, typefaces, music, movies, socialism and Chesterfield and Tottenham Hotspur football cubs.

In his spare time, Jonathan Westwood is a semi-professional cheesecake aficionado.

Jonathan currently lives with his wife and their rescue dog, Charlie Westwoof, in Bedfordshire, England.

Thanks to a decades long campaign of petty theft and arson, there are no photographs of Jonathan Westwood known to exist. It’s better for everyone that way.

Jonathan Westwood only talks about himself in the third person for the purposes of search engine optimisation. Jonathan Westwood hopes you will forgive him on this occasion.